International Photo offers the following:

We offer a totally digital program, which means we digitally capture and see the image before it gets saved (most digital photographers store photos to a memory card). Each student will have 2-8 pictures taken and the best one will be selected. This way we avoid weird grimaces and blinks that most photographers can't see until the prints of the students come back (or they look at the image on a memory card at the end of the day). We work very well with children and have enough bad jokes to get a smile from almost all of your students. We are a small company so we see all the work that comes to your school and we care about the final product.

The school can pay for photo packages of all students, or we can do a pre-pay system where each student takes home a pre-pay envelope with various package options, fills out the information and places money in the envelope. When the student gets his/her photo taken the envelopes are handed to us and we enter which package they ordered.

COMPLIMENTARY YEARBOOK CD! Each file will have the correct name of the student attached to the file and each student will be placed in a folder corresponding to his/her class.

Custom reordering of photographs is possible! We are not bound by the limitations of film so families can easily order more photos of their children years after we have photographed your school.

Digital retouching options are available.

Online ordering and viewing is possible. All photos are password protected so please contact the school for the password.

All staff receive 8 free wallet size photos as well as two 4x5 (inches) photos.

We have a very happy customer base around the world. If you would like references we will be happy to provide them.

We give a full digital format with the names attached to the files so you can easily identify and place in the yearbook.

We can give you a yearbook CD within 10 days of photographing your school (usually sooner).

We take very good pictures and because we use digital cameras, we don't get any 'eyes closed' shots.